BlackBerry or BlackJack

RIM is suing Samsung for using “black” in their smartphone product line. I just dont understand this,  will RIM now have copyright on everything that starts with Black.

 This is blackmail … and I am not referring to the email you read on blackberry : )


La porte des Indes

So whats a french title doing in my english blog, well, its the french name of an indian restaurant in the heart of the city of london. Talk of tributes to multiple colonizers at the same time!

 Why am I talking about this restaurant, coz I had the best office xmas party at this restaurant tonight. The restaurant is pretty posh and hip and when the HR team sent me an invite for this party, I was impressed with the choice of the place. I had been to this place a couple of years ago and they lived up to their reputation. The decor is very eco friendly (!), lots of green foliage inside the restaurant which gives a garden kinda nice feel. The bar was small but served the purpose. The cutlery was gold and silver plated and gave the table a rich look. Starters were served and were sumptuos. chicken, fish, veggies and the works, all as canapes along with drinks. Our parties btw never have alcohol on the house (its always a cash bar!) and I was not in the mood for drinks anyways, so i stuck to pineapple juice with a hint of ginger *yummy*.

The main course took a little while to arrive but while we waited for it, since it was a table of some 8 people and most of us hadnt met each other before, we introduced each other and I had some interesting conversations with the Alan Boots (SGS), Nishant, Ambi, Satya (the guy who moved from Ramco), Rob (IC) and the russian couple of demitri and his babe. Had some interesting conversations around english accents and multiculturalism in britain. Seems like the newcastle (jordies) are the hardest to understand but the folks from Cornwall can give them a run for their money with the guttural accent.

The main course was pretty delicious with enough options for veggies and the non foliage eaters. Included one main course each of chicken, lamb, fish and paneer. The nan were freshly made and rice was nicely cooked and fragrant. As we indians always do, there was very little conversation till the last morcel of the main course was finished from the table!

 The presentation of food was quite different from any indian restaurant that you will see in london. Quite stylised with a raised plate carrying 4 different bowls with a main course each.

While all the food was being eaten away, i must tell you about the piece de resistance of the evening! The belly dancing babe : ) authentic egyptian ishtyle! While most of us enjoyed the belly dance, I really dint think it was authentic belly dance, coz it dint compare to the one I had seen in Cairo last year around the same time. Lot of flesh was on show but all from a distance : ). Some guys in their inebriated state did join the girl ont he dance floor, notably including Anup U, Sanjay J, Rajiv S and lots other. Sudhir and KV kept a safe distance.

 The desserts took an unsually long time to arrive, at one point in time, almost everyone started to leave, but belly dancer was introduced yet again, making every one return to their seats … you know where the priority of all the men lay : )

Dessert was absolutely awesome, a combination in small measures of Srikhand, Gulabjamun and finger lickin mousse of chocolat, a tribute yet again to our colonisers !

All in all a sumptuous evening and in my view the best office party i have ever attended! Long live HR : )

Dhoom – II

Greatbong’s take on Dhoom-II is simply hilarious and it gets the point across. Read the full review here :

The best bits (imho) are here:

So did Dhoom II meet my expectations?

Absolutely. This is not your average bike-and-hiest-flick with brainless action, mindless chases, explosions and not a semblance of a coherent plot.

No sir, it is that and much more…. ”

GB goes on to add:

” Also back from Dhoom, like a smelly fart that refuses to go away, is his partner, Ali played by Uday Chopra ostensibly to provide comic relief but in reality to remind everyone whose daddy is producing the movie…. ”

On rimi’s guestliest of guest appearances

” And Rimi Sen, who is currently rivalling Virender Sehwag in the weight department brings the motherly touch: she is shown as pregnant (a beautiful way to explain her pounds) and makes an appearance that lasts as long as the average Sehwag innings….”

There had to be a comment on that now (in)famous kiss …

” there is about as much passion in that kiss as a full-blooded male would exhibit if he had to exchange saliva with Queen Elizabeth today.

Incidentally, watching Dhoom II is also about as exciting…. ”

Hats off to you greatbong…

Shopping at Sainsburys and Tesco

Just came back from the weekly grocery shopping chore and it was quite a refreshing experience. For a change we went to a Sainsbury rather than the Tesco. Tesco seems to have that “I dont care a damn…” attitude about customers and even the merchandise. All the stuff just seems to be lying around and the space between aisles is so narrow that you invariably land up playing trolley dodgem! Its like driving in a narrow 2 way street, which never was meant to be a 2 way street in the first place.

All the fresh areas were clean and didnt have any rotting “value” range lying all over the place. All the glass counters were sparkling clean and the stuff in patisserie actually looked fresh. 

Even the girl on the checkout counter actually offered to help pack (and sounded like she meant it!) and was an epitome of service with a smile .. .tesco tills are all about speed .. how quickly can she knock your shopping off, it doesnt matter if I can match her speed in bagging the stuff or not.

I did have one bad experience though, tried asking a guy who was stacking shelves, if there were bigger packs of baby corn available and he didn’t seem like he was bothered.

It was a sunday afternoon and Sainsbury was not that crowded, so that could have made a difference to the whole experince, but i still think the store was much more spacious.

Prices are slightly higher, you can check out your trolley price here and this site tells you that your shopping trolley is about 10% more expensive at Sainsbury’s. Is the premium worth paying .. your call. For now, my view is in favour of Taste the difference .. rather than Every little helps …


Saw baabul yesterday and i described the movie with an additional 4 letter word suffixed but I dont wanna use that word in my first blog. btw, it feels nice to be blogging, one of those things that I always wanted to do, but never found the time. Baabul had its moments, when it left a lump in your throat. Specially with Big B and Rani and movie titled like that, I was expecting lot more moments like that, but thankfully there were only a few. I cant handle lumps in my throat.

The overall package was pretty poor. It takes a moviemaker a lot of effort for me to like anything with Salman in it and I dont think the director did enuf this time. The only movies that I ever liked which had salman in them were Andaz Apna Apna (where my theory is that Salman dint have to act at all, coz he was just being natural) and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (coz there was Aishwarya “Eye Candy” Rai to compensate). He is such an irritating actor, the bits that irritate me the most are scenes like the one where he decides to name his son “Ansh”. Nothing wrong with the name but its just the way Sallu talks about the naming process and logic behind it to Rani.

The story line is pretty predictable and well known in advance (to me it was anyway). Sallu is Big B’s beloved son and “Buddy”, falls in love with the “painter in the golf course” Rani by pretending to be a INR 10,500 per month worker and who quits his job fighting for her painting’s cause! Finally when the truth dawns on Rani that her pauper in shining armor is actually a prince, then she throws a bit of a tantrum but then Big B goes on a charm offensive and convinces her to continue loving his son. Lots of songs thrown in with a strong Karan Johar after taste. Parties keep happening for some reason or the other … finally Sallu meets with an accident and dies en route to one such party. – Intermission –

While I would like to say that second half was more bearable because of no sallu, but John Abraham is not in my list of favorites either. He looks a bit strange (spotted nose!) in the movie, almost sans makeup for some reason. Anyway, sonal liked him alright but she did say that something was wrong with his hair. So to cut a long story short, AB and JA hatch up a plot to convince rani to remarry john (her best friend in the first half) and after a few tears and “extra time” that she demands from john, she does get married to him.

btw, lest I forget to mention, there is also a social message in the film on widow remarriage, which I thought was far too sidelined in the film and the media is hyping it up as the core theme of the movie.

Anyways, net net, not much to write home about, AB and Rani’s performance are stellar, Rani is an absolute natural. Sallu and JA are pretty forgettable. There is aman verma and Archana puran singh’s hubby (as sonal tells me) thrown in for some reason, they say a few lines here and there. Their characters reminded me of my school days when I played “Officer Ryan” in one of the school plays which was a parody on Jerry Mason and Female Bureau of Investigation. I spoke 4 lines in a 2 hour play! more on that another time.

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