The lawwwng break…

it seems like ages since i wrote anything and it bothers me no end. What i started doing almost as a new years resolution, hate to see it going down the drain like .. well… a new years resolution! so here I am, back again, all energy at the stroke of midnite (almost) on monday evening, trying to unwind .. as kenny rogers said in one of his songs .. too tired to sleep…

So what do i talk about after a long break, well about the break itself would be a good start i guess.  So let me try the last in first out route … the weekend was pretty busy as always, first half of saturday was spent house hunting and then finding breakfast at some not so far off place. It was brunch time pretty much by the time we had breakfast. After seeing off Y and V as they wanted to go to reading, we came back home wondering what to do next and made some catchup calls to friends and family. S came up with the idea of completing our gift shopping for the india trip so we set off to TCR and Harrods and here came my biggest capex in recent time.. .a lovely little Canon 350D. Hope to post some pics on this blog soon! Harrods too was pretty cool and we did some very selective crystal shopping .. some interestign goblets and glasses. i also saw the 63 inches Samsung LCD television .. which i hope to buy some day !

 Sunday morning came pretty late as we only got to bed past midnite and sunday too was full of activity, mostly chores like cleaning up and then sorting the plumbing problems out with the landlord playing plumber.

Friday evening was as welcome as ever and we saw the long planned Giselle at the london coliseum. It was a lovely ballet but I thought S enjoyed it more than I did.  The story was good and there was strong use of mime, some of which I did not understand. We had our usual row about buying the program guide : ). While the first half of the ballet (very colorful one) involved Giselle falling in love with prince posing as the peasant, later finding out from Hilarion the duplicity of the prince (he was already engaged to another princess!) and then ultimately loses her mind and dies. The second half was almost entirely white as most of it takes place in dreamland. Lots of stunning ballet in the second half and it always amazed me when little ballerinas would turn like spinning tops on their toes. The dinner was nice as we went to La Roche (a french restaurant serving cuisines from around the world) I had some kinda egyptian Chicken Shawarma and S had Moussaka. We loved the food, definitely gotta visit La Roche again.

Thursday was one of the most tense days of the week as I worked from home but dint get a minute to breathe. Come evening, I had to visit the dentist and I was fearing the worst, and that actually happened. A deep irrepairable cavity in the 7th tooth top left. Incredible, I couldnt believe this was happening to me, first some nasal allergy and now this tooth ache, how do I handle all this. Anyways, I have to go on an extremely low sugar diet from now and brush twice a day four minutes each time!

Thats probably all I am gonna remember for now… more later and more regularly i hope. Today was a good day at MKC. Full of work with two important meetings cancelled, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Had a couple of drinks with K, S and R after work and got home chatting with deepak and preeti on the train. got my review meeting postponed from tomorrow, hopefully my last chance and no more postponements!


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