Shopping at Sainsburys and Tesco

Just came back from the weekly grocery shopping chore and it was quite a refreshing experience. For a change we went to a Sainsbury rather than the Tesco. Tesco seems to have that “I dont care a damn…” attitude about customers and even the merchandise. All the stuff just seems to be lying around and the space between aisles is so narrow that you invariably land up playing trolley dodgem! Its like driving in a narrow 2 way street, which never was meant to be a 2 way street in the first place.

All the fresh areas were clean and didnt have any rotting “value” range lying all over the place. All the glass counters were sparkling clean and the stuff in patisserie actually looked fresh. 

Even the girl on the checkout counter actually offered to help pack (and sounded like she meant it!) and was an epitome of service with a smile .. .tesco tills are all about speed .. how quickly can she knock your shopping off, it doesnt matter if I can match her speed in bagging the stuff or not.

I did have one bad experience though, tried asking a guy who was stacking shelves, if there were bigger packs of baby corn available and he didn’t seem like he was bothered.

It was a sunday afternoon and Sainsbury was not that crowded, so that could have made a difference to the whole experince, but i still think the store was much more spacious.

Prices are slightly higher, you can check out your trolley price here and this site tells you that your shopping trolley is about 10% more expensive at Sainsbury’s. Is the premium worth paying .. your call. For now, my view is in favour of Taste the difference .. rather than Every little helps …


One response to “Shopping at Sainsburys and Tesco

  1. Hi dude,
    Welcome to blogging! High time you started…
    On Tesco vs. Sainsbury’s, we did shop at Tesco’s for the first month or so, but very soon shifted to Sainsbury’s with the local Patel shop supplying us with the Asian stuff!
    And as for prices, Sainsbury’s has been getting fairly competitive of late…

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